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Bird Food and Seed Blends

You won't go back to any other bird seed after you have tried our Wild Birds Unlimited Bird Food and Seed Blends. With higher quality ingredients than grocery and hardware stores, our Bird Food and Seed Blends offer birds more protein and calories that they need all year around. 

Suet Products

Our Suet Products are all made with Rendered Beef Suet, a favorite ingredient for many of our backyard birds including a variety of woodpeckers! Our Naturally Nuts Suet is one of our most popular cakes, blended with plenty of roasted peanuts. We have quite a few varieties of suet, so keep trying them out until you find the most popular for your backyard. Feed suet all year around! We even have special no-melt dough suet cakes for those hot summer days.

Specialty Bird Foods

Our Bird Seed Cylinders are an easy way to offer your birds a wide variety of food. They’re convenient, too. Just set one out and watch. Try offering a Seed Cylinder on our Seed Cylinder Feeder or Dinner Bell Feeder.

Hummingbird Food and Nectar

Our Wild Birds Unlimited Hummingbird Food and Oriole Nectar provides the high calories these active birds need. It contains no dyes or additives, is easy to mix and delivers wonderful results. Stir it in boiled water, let it cool, and then fill your feeders. Any leftover solution can be stored up to two week in your refrigerator for later use.