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Bird Seed Delivery ~ We Come To YOU!

In 2020, we have a couple of options to make bird feeding more convenient for you.
• One of our Certified Bird Feeding Specialists will take your seed order and deliver it directly to your home. We can look at your previous purchases or we can make seasonal recommendations to enhance your bird feeding experience. We can leave your bird food on your front porch, stack it in your garage, or fill your seed cans.  FREE local delivery is available with a minimum $75 order. Please call with your order by 3:00 p.m. the day prior to delivery. 

• We also offer online ordering at myWBU/dallas where you can place your bird food order and it will arrive via FedEx within a day or two in most cases.  FedEx delivery to your door is FREE with a $75 order. 

If you are a member of our Daily Savings Club you will receive a 15% discount and your Bird Buck points. Click here for more information about joining our Daily Savings Club.

 Brad Carrying Seed

Call: (214) 357-2473 (BIRD)

Photo: Certified Bird Feeding Specialist and long-time employee, Brad Frye, delivering bird food to one of our favorite local customers in our professional delivery vehicle.

 American Goldfinsh


Attract Goldfinches to Your Backyard!

Goldfinches live throughout the United States and southern Canada, a fact that makes attracting them to your backyard a bit easier. Though goldfinches carry the reputation of being finicky eaters, you’ll have no problem finding a suitable offering that will please their palate. Goldfinches love to eat fresh, dry Nyjer® (thistle) and sunflower seeds.

Unlike many birds, goldfinches molt their body feathers twice a year: in the spring before breeding and after nesting in the fall. Females are a soft olive green and subdued yellow. Males sport vibrant, yellow coats with black wings, caps and tails during breeding season, but in the fall, they molt into duller colors that resemble the female.

The color of the legs, feet and bill of an American Goldfinch change with each feather molt. For breeding season, their legs, feet and bill are a buffy, yellow-orange color. During fall and winter, their legs, feet and bill are dark grayish-brown.

The spring molt requires a large amount of nutrients and energy which probably diminishes their ability to nest earlier in the season. In July and August, after the male has serenaded the female with canary-like songs, goldfinches begin to nest for the first and only time of the year.

Here are a few items to remember when attracting finches:

Keep food fresh and dry inside the feeder. Shake the feeder periodically to make sure that the food is dry, and use a Weather Guard to help protect your food from the elements. Make sure the food does not stay in the feeder uneaten for more than three to four weeks.
Nyjer has a lot of protein and fat that is needed for growing their feathers. Be prepared for increased activity at your feeders in the spring and fall, when goldfinches are molting.

Once they've fledged, young goldfinches still depend on their parents for food. Watch for these juveniles at your feeders as they beg for food from their parents.

Due to their almost exclusive diet of seeds, goldfinches drink frequently and will stay close to reliable sources of water during dry periods. Use a bird bath and keep the water clean and fresh.

Visit the store or call us if you have any additional questions about attracting goldfinches to your yard.


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We are seeking a Sales Associate (part-time and full-time) with great retail and service skills. Working at your locally owned Wild Birds Unlimited store is an opportunity to support and educate our friendly customers about birds and nature.

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