Dallas, Texas

Bird Baths & Water

Attract More Birds to Your Yard with Water.

We carry so many birdbaths it is hard to describe exactly what you might find at our store.

Birdbaths and bird fountains are made out of every conceivable material, in every shape and size and can be placed anywhere you wish: on pedestals, chains, or decks.

We have recirculating fountains, big and small. We have wildlife ponds, streams and pools.

Bird Bath Accessories

We carry several types of heaters for different needs and budgets. These heaters keep your birdbath thawed during extensive below-freezing periods and provide much needed water to birds during the winter. A source of water in the winter can attract as many birds as birdseed!

Drippers, Misters, and Water Wigglers
We carry several types of Drippers and Misters. We also carry birdbath and leaf misters. A source of dripping or misting water is highly attractive to the birds and can keep your bath water fresh with less maintenance. Water Wigglers, like the one below, help deter breeding mosquitoes.